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The global economy keeps taking dips and swerves like a rollercoaster forcing all those who are wise to take stringent measures to protect the little they have. One of the best decisions that you can take today is to get cheaper car insurance quotes. Your plan is not only to reduce one time expenditures but the regularly occurring expenditure as well. Renewing your car insurance at a lower quote will help you save hundreds if not thousands of dollars on your yearly expenditure. Below are some proven ways for getting a cheaper quote on your vehicle’s insurance.

Revise Drivers Named on Policy

One of the quickest ways that you can get a cheaper quote the next time you are getting insurance cover for your car is to revise the people you name as drivers on the policy. The more drivers you have named on the policy the higher the premiums you can expect to pay on your insurance. The best thing to do is to identify who regularly drives the vehicle and name only them on the policy. If you ever need someone else to use the car then you have the option of just including them into the policy for a few days instead of a fulltime cover.

Take advantage of Mileage Restrictions

The more miles you are going to drive the more you can expect to pay in premiums to the insurance company. If you want to bring down your insurance premiums, allow mileage restriction. By agreeing to drive lesser miles you are putting the car at less risk of any unforeseen circumstances the insurance provider has to cover. By reducing your mileage by just 5,000 a year you can save about $100.
You however have to make sure that you know approximately how much you really use your car. If it is found that you claimed to use your car for a certain number of miles annually and the figure is wrong then it will be deemed as fraud. If you are lucky, your insurance provider may have a pay as you drive policy where the mileage is verified like in a taxi and you pay only for mileage covered.

Keep your car in The Garage

A lot of people may not realize it but simply storing your car in the garage instead of on the street in front of your house can greatly reduce the premiums you pay n your policy. This is simply because a car parked on the street is at higher risk of getting stolen or vandalized than one parked inside a garage. It is also less susceptible to any damages that come from the weather elements like ice in the winter.

Window Shop

A lot of people underestimate the power of window shopping. They compare 3 – 5 insurance providers and pick the cheapest among them. If you are really intent on saving money, you have to make sure that you compare as many insurance providers as possible. One mistake that you shouldn’t make is to assume that simply because they are car insurance covers that they are all the same. Each and every provider tries to come up with the best policy type they have including or emitting some clauses. For example, the policies may cost the very same amount in premiums but one may provide a cover of up to 70 percent while the other only 50 percent. Nowadays there are plenty of software and services that can help you with comparing the various insurance providers that you are considering. You also have to look into various discounts offered like discounts for mature drivers.

Finding car insurance quotes can be a demanding task but by knowing few simple facts you can get cheaper quotes to fit your budget and even save thousands of dollars. For Canadians, I recommend visiting Belairdirect - 700 University Ave #1100, Toronto, ON M5G 0A2 (416) 250-6363
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Every driver loves the thought of getting low car insurance rates, and they’re usually quite happy when they reach their goal. However, keeping those rates low throughout the course of the policy can sometimes be a little tricky.

Here are 5 things that could increase your car insurance rates and ruin all your hard work.

1) Rate Increase Approval

Sometimes, the governing body of the car insurance industry in your province may simply approve a rate increase for your insurance company. In Ontario, it is the Financial Services Commission of Ontario that would approver such an increase. These increases are frustrating because there isn’t anything you can do about them.

2) You Bought a New Car

If you go out and buy yourself a new car, chances are you’ll see an increase in your car insurance rates. Since the new car is likely worth more, it will also be more expensive to repair and might also have a higher theft rate than your previous vehicle.

3) You Made a Claim

Making a claim on your car insurance where it was determined that you were at fault is a sure way to see a rate increase. You won’t likely see an increase right away, but when it’s time to renew your rates may jump. Some companies have an ‘accident forgiveness’ feature that may let you off the hook for one indiscretion.

4) You Added a New Driver

Once the kids start getting up into the teen years and start driving, you’ll have to add them to your insurance policy. More drivers means more likelihood of filing claims and also means higher rates. Again, you may not see the increase if you’re in the middle of a policy term, but it will all be added when you renew.

5) Poor Driving Habits

Driving habits are one thing that you are definitely in control of, and bad driving habits will certainly result in higher car insurance rates. Here are some common bad driving habits that will increase your rates if you’re caught:

• Using Mobile Devices – Everyone knows that this is a no-no, but many people still talk on their cell phones and even text while driving.
• GPS Devices – It’s there to help, but if you pay too much attention to it while the car is moving you’re asking for trouble.

• Running Lights – You may get caught the old fashioned way by a police officer or by a traffic light camera. Either way, if you run red lights your insurance may suffer.

• Speeding – No matter how much technology changes, people still seem to have trouble obeying the speed limit. Stick to the posted limit and you should be fine.
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Auto insurance….everyone must have it, but how many really understand what it’s all about? Here are the basics so you know what you’re doing.

Where to Get It

When you first set out to get auto insurance, you have a few different options of where to get it. You can phone or visit an insurance company directly, contact a broker or agent if you happen to know one or look online at the number of websites that offer online quotes.

Shop Around Before You Decide

Before you decide on one particular insurance company, take some time to compare quotes from a few different places. When shopping around, try to look beyond just the rates. Ensure that the broker or agent is licensed, then make sure the details of the coverage are what you want them to be.

Once you’re sure you have the coverage you want, find out what kind of rates you can get. It’s important that you have adequate coverage in your policy or you’ll regret it if anything happens. When you find rates, coverage and service you are comfortable with you can proceed and sign the policy.

What's in a Policy?

Te least amount of coverage you can purchase may vary a little from place to place, but in Ontario it consists of:

• Third-Party Liability
• Statutory Accident Benefits Coverage
• Direct Compensation – Property Damage Coverage
• Uninsured Automobile Coverage

How Your Rates Are Set

Each insurance company follows a handful of different factors when determining your auto insurance rates.

• Your Personal Profile – this includes things like the kind of car you drive, your driving record, how much you drive, your age, gender and where you live.

• The Amount of Coverage – if you purchase coverage beyond just the mandatory auto insurance coverage you will ultimately pay more for it. Of course, you will also be covered under more situations.

• The Deductible – your deductible is the amount you have to pay for repairs when you make a claim. If you choose to pay a higher deductible, you will ultimately pay less.

• Your Provider – Who you choose as a provider will help determine how your rates are set. Different providers charge different rates for the exact same coverage, which is why you should shop around.

There are also some things that an insurance company can’t use to determine your auto insurance rates. These include:

• Your credit history
• Employment status
• If you’re in bankruptcy
• Accidents that weren’t your fault
• Gaps between having insurance
• Whether you own or lease your vehicle

Your Discounts

All insurance companies offer discounts as part of their coverage. Some of the more common auto insurance discounts are:

• Safety devices on your car
• Clean driving record
• Age discount
• Winter tires discount
• Driver training
• Multi-policy discount
• Group discount

Be sure to ask which ones your provider offers so you can save even more.